your own web

Join our rapidly growing community with a vision shared of a decentralized, incentivized web where you can earn based on your contributions and participation while letting your creativity flow freely.

Your Decentralized Web

Forget relying on a centralized web host to keep your content secure, in-tact and available. Using blockchain technology we’re creating a beautiful ecosystem in which you can create, participate and earn.

Neos Masternodes

Masternode operators can vote on decisions and budget proposals as well as support anonymous and instant transactions – with more functionality to be announced.


Neos enables you to create websites, publish content, participate in the community and get paid for your work. Users can join for free, use the network for free, and earn rewards daily. Join the mailing list to receive updates!

Create Websites

Your content is kept safe on the Ethereum blockchain. That means once it is published, it is going to stay there. Downtime is a thing of the past.

Publish Content

NEOS aims to support multiple website types ranging from blogs to vlogs and other content-rich websites. With our template system, you can have your own site up within minutes.

Participate in the Community

Much like a social network, you can view and rate content, comment on it and share with others! Only now you’re rewarded for it.

Be Rewarded

You are rewarded for authoring content, rating websites & content, and moderating content in effort to keep the Neosphere safe and filled with quality content.

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Neos: your own web

Neos was launched as NeosCoin in 2014. Since then the project has been continiously evolving to bring users and the crypto community unique and useful features. The focal point of the upcoming V3 release is to provide opportunity in a closed loop style system in which people can earn rewards, spend them, and share them.


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