Beta release coming soon.

We're excited to release what we believe is an incredibly important, disruptive, and liberating piece of technology powered by incentive, self-governance and decentralization through the blockchain.

For more current information on release dates, progress and news please visit The Neos Reddit or check out The V3 FAQ (in progress)
Information and Current (v2) Clients

What's new in Neos V3?

Neos V3 offers a wide range of features complimenting its core purpose - a completely decentralized web. You'll be able to earn NEOS (the crypto currency) by participating in the community, authoring quality content, and playing a role in moderation. Within the network, we rely on our peers to come to agreements and make decisions as a whole - rather than having decisions made for us and rules dictated to us.

Enjoy the freedom, privacy and opportunity that lies ahead. To avoid confusion, we've taken the old site down to make way for the new which is due to release right around when the V3 beta is due.

If you're looking for the V2 Windows wallet, Click Here.

The source can be found In our Github Repo here